Importance of a Vent Pipe

Importance of a Vent Pipe

Find Out Why a Vent Pipe Is So Important.

Before we dive into the importance of a vent pipe, its a good idea to know what one is. A vent pipe, also known as a vent stack or plumbing air vent is a vent on your roofing system that is able to control the air pressure in your plumbing, as well as rids your plumbing of gases and smells. The reason why a vent pipe is so important is that it provides clean air to every plumbing system on your property; this is crucial as fresh air can help water move through your pipes more easily. So while it provides fresh air, it also ensures gas and odors don’t permeate your home. It’s a great system, which is why if there is an issue, it needs to be repaired immediately. Below are the most common problems with these vents.

Most Common Vent Pipe Problems

  • Clogs: One of the biggest issues can be sewage clogs. If the clog is between the sewer line and the vent on the roof, the issue might have to be fixed by getting on the roof. Roofs like shingle roofing may be compromised by a vent pipe issue, which can involve getting shingle roof repair.
  • Gurgling Sounds: If you hear gurgling when you flush or hear it when water is going down the drain, there might be something going on with the vent stack.
  • Slow Drain: Usually one slow drain isn’t going to prove that it’s a vent stack problem. However, if all of the drains in your home are slow to drain, then a plumbing air vent might be to blame.

If you need vent pipe repair or sewer line repair in Aledo and Fort Worth, TX, please call Pro Serve Plumbing at (817) 200-4465.

How Do You Detect a Water Leak in Your House?

Have you noticed a spike in your water usage within your home? If you and your family have not been utilizing more water than normal, this could be a sign that your plumbing may have a leak. A leak may not be a sudden burst of water pouring through your home, but a slow drip overtime from a damaged pipe somewhere within your home. Regardless of the intensity of the leak, it is a problem that should be handled by a professional as quickly as possible. Water seeping into your home can lead to extensive damage to your home’s walls, floors, ceiling and more that can put your health and the stability of your structure at risk. How can you tell if you are dealing with a water leak in your home? There are a few signs you can look out for.

  • Moisture or water on your floor or walls
  • A rise in your water bill or your water meter
  • There is a dripping noise when no water is in use

What Would Cause a Pipe to Burst?

Water Leak Repair

Pipes Can Be Damaged Due To Time, Temperature, Wear, And More, Leading to Leaks.

One of the most common issues that can lead to water leak is damage to your pipe, specifically pipe bursts. The most common reason for a burst pipe may be colder weather creating freezing conditions, however, this is far from the only reason. If your plumbing has been in the home for a long period of time or you have hard water, the pipes can wear and corrode, becoming weaker. In this state, they can be damaged by water pressure or even just wear to the point of breaking down themselves! At this point, water leak repair service is needed to take care of the leak and possibly replace the pipe with a new one to restore the function of your plumbing. Depending on the age of your home’s plumbing, you may also want to consider discussing with your plumbing contractor on whether it may be better to replace the present plumbing due to current damage and to prevent future issues.

Can a Leak Cause Mold?

The danger that comes from a water leak is the fact it can start small and may go unnoticed for a long period of time. This means that water will steadily be pouring into your home’s walls or flooring without any action being taken against it. Water can cause warping and wear on your home’s structure, but it can also have more detrimental effects as well. Water creates a suitable environment for mildew, wood rot, and mold. Mold spores are everywhere, however, they prefer when they are in a moist location in order to start growing. This organism can cause irritation to a person’s eyes, skin, lungs and more. If you even suspect there is a need for water leak repair in your home, it is critical that you take action to prevent this from happening in your home and affecting your family. Do you need plumbing inspection and water leak repair in Aledo and Fort Worth, TX? For all of your plumbing service needs Pro Serve Plumbing is available to assist! Give us a call today at (817) 200-4465 to get started.

What Do I Do If I Suspect A Gas Leak?

Gas Leak

Leaks in Your Gas Line Can Be Hazardous to Your Home and Health.

Gas is a fantastic fuel source and many homeowners swear by it, using it for heating the home, heating water, cooking, and more. However, if a gas leak occurs in the home, it can be hazardous to your health and property. You may already be conscious of what gas can do and may be vigilant against damage. Gas leaks may still occur though, and the best way to be sure you and your loved ones remain safe is to know what to do in such a situation. We have compiled a few tips that can help you if you notice or suspect a gas leak in your home. 

Gas Leak Tips

  • Make A Quick, Thorough Assessment – Because this is a dangerous situation, you will need to perform a quick assessment of your home. Determine if there is anything that may set the leaking gas alight or if the gas has already been set alight. Exit the house immediately if you see fire or notice sparks.
  • Open Doors And Windows – If possible, ventilate your home to reduce the smell and dissipate as much of the gas leak as possible. You can do this by opening your windows and doors, allowing for circulation of air.
  • Make Sure All of The Burners Are Off – There is a possibility that your burners are the source of the gas leak within your home. Even if they are not leaking, they could cause a big problem if they are turned on while there is a leak. Check to ensure they are off and not in use.
  • Make Sure You Are Safe – The top priority of a gas leak situation is always that you and your loved ones remain safe. Remember, gas can adversely affect your health and can be fatal. Exit the home and contact the proper authorities and repairmen to get the situation corrected as soon as possible. If anyone has been exposed for a long period of time, have them checked out by your doctor or emergency services.

Gas leaks are dangerous and can be fatal to you and those who live in your home. Once you are safe, if you need gas line repair in Aledo and Fort Worth, TX, Pro Serve Plumbing is the one to call. Call us today at (817) 200-4465!

Common Summertime Plumbing Problems

As Summer approaches, dreams of cookouts and beach towels fill our minds. However, in order to keep your water play fun this season, be sure your home is protected against the most common Summer plumbing problems with a Summer plumbing inspection.

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Summertime Plumbing Inspections can Save You Money, Time, and Hassle Down the Road.

Water Leaks

Whether from a pipe or a faucet, by far, the most common Summer plumbing problem is leaks. With Winter newly over, it’s important to inspect every part of your water system to identify weak or leaky points for a more convenient repair. Inspect water lines and pipes, faucets, fixtures, outside spigots, and even your water heater for signs of corrosion, rust, and breaks.

Clogs in Pipes

With more traffic in your home than in other seasons, Summer may find your home with more clogs than usual. Problems like children using too much toilet paper and constant flushing and running and contribute to clogged toilets, sinks, and tubs. Be sure to keep a plunger or miniature auger handy for simple clogs, and have your plumber’s number ready for clogs that aren’t removed by household plumbing tools.

Sprinkler Problems

In many yards, a sprinkler system is installed to provide easy watering to your entire lawn without high water costs. However, if one or more of your sprinklers is damaged, you could be facing increased water bills along with an uneven distribution of your water. Inspect your irrigation system thoroughly during early Summer days to ensure that each sprinkler head and line is intact and secure.

Summertime means more water play and extensive plumbing use. Let the Pro Serve Plumbing experts help you ensure that your home is ready for Summer with a comprehensive plumbing inspection. We provide the peace of mind you need to enjoy the upcoming hot months. Call us today at (817) 200-4465 to learn more or to schedule your Summertime plumbing inspection service.

Is Your Sprinkler System Ready for Spring?

As Spring approaches, so is the time for sprinkler operation around your lawn. Proper maintenance and preparation of your sprinklers and irrigation system can allow your lawn to be more beautiful than ever without having to endure steep water bills.

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Ensure Your Home Sprinkler System is Ready to Perform at Its Best.

General Zone Overlook

Inspect your sprinkler system zone by zone to catch any disturbances when switching zones, leaks in the main water lines, and relays that may be bad. Ensure all zones are properly rotating and cutting on and off. Check your rain sensor and valve system for correct operation and run a pressure check if possible to inspect the condition of your water lines.

Leak Inspection

Check your water lines for signs of leaks, both at the head and under the ground. These can be spotted by bubbles or water surfacing quickly from the ground. Also inspect your sprinkler heads for broken, missing, or nonworking pieces that may have been casualties of lawn mowers, playing children, or animal intrusion. These clues could mean that your lines need to be repaired before using your sprinkler system.

General Maintenance for Optimal Performance

Before running your sprinkler system, evaluate your sprinkler heads’ spray pattern and direction. Optimize your lawn’s coverage by adjusting the nozzle of each head as needed to cover the maximum area. Clear any overgrown foliage from around your sprinkler heads to prevent water blocking by large plants. Remember, you can add or adjust your sprinkler heads fairly easily with a help of a professional plumber.

Get the most out of your sprinkler system this Spring without a massive water use increase. The Pro Serve Plumbing professionals are experienced in both household plumbing and home irrigation methods to ensure your sprinkler system is in perfect condition for your home. Call us today for your Springtime sprinkler inspection.

Do You Have a Water Line Leak?

Water line leaks are hard because you don’t usually know something is wrong until you notice a raise in your water bill or a wet spot in your yard. Even those signs don’t always give it away because those aren’t things that some people pay attention to. That being said, it is important that if you suspect or find out that your water line is leaking, that you call a plumber right away and get that taken care of. A water line leak can cause serious damage to your yard or the underside of your house. Depending on the size of the leak and how long it goes on, it can soak the soil underneath your foundation. Once this happens, it can cause the ground to shift and cracks to form in the foundation. This is an extremely expensive process to have fixed if you wait too long. A water line repair can be fixed without even having to tear up your yard.

Signs of a Leak

Wet Spots – If you have been noticing a wet spot in your yard that is only in one specific spot, this may be a water line leak. The first thing you should do is check all the other items in your yard, like sprinklers and faucets to make sure that there is nothing that is leaking and causing this. If nothing is leaking, you should call a plumber.

Water Bill – Is your water bill suddenly through the roof? If you have checked that you don’t have a leak in your home, it may be a water line leak that is causing this.

If you think that you may have a water line leak, givePro Serve Plumbing a call at (817) 200-4465 and let our professional residential plumbers handle it for you.

Do You Treat Your Garbage Disposal Well?

Have you cleaned your garbage disposal, lately? Did you know that you needed to clean it once in a while? Most of us take our garbage disposals for granted. They seem indestructible at times, that is, until they break down. Your disposal needs more care than most people give theirs. Make an effort to do better by yours.


Garbage Disposal Under Sink

Be Good to Your Garbage Disposal.

Start off with a thorough cleaning. All you need for this is a little baking soda, vinegar, and some times. Put the two in and let them sit for a few minutes. Then, rinse while running the disposal. That will help clear it of grime and debris, and eliminate odors. Make a point to do this every so often to prevent further grime buildup, and prevent odors. Remember to rinse well each time you use the disposal, too.

Constant Use

Then, make new rules for garbage disposal use. Be more careful about what you put into it. Only grind soft organic materials–never things like eggshells, no matter how brittle they may seem. When you use the disposal, use it a little at a time. Don’t run it constantly, or in succession as you continually put items down there. Put in a small amount of garbage, let it grind thoroughly, rinse, and let it sit for a minute. Constant grinding can wear down the device.

If you misuse your garbage disposal, it will break down sooner. It can also harm your sink system. Treat your garbage disposal better. And, for all your plumbing problems in Dallas, TX, call Pro Serve Plumbing at (817) 200-4465.

Is Your Home Plumbing Suffering From Hard Water?

Here in Texas, hard water is a pretty common occurrence. Many people go back and forth over the pros and cons of hard water for human health, but today we are going to go over how hard water affects your plumbing, and by extension, your day to day life. 


hard water buildup

See That White Buildup? That’s What Hard Water Does To Your Fixtures!

One of the first thing that homeowners notice when it comes to hard water issues, is in themselves. Or rather, on themselves. Hard water has an effect on our skin and hair, and can cause excessive dryness. If your hair is suddenly feeling brittle, and you don’t feel like you’re actually clean after a shower, you may have a hard water problem. Another thing homeowners notice about hard water, is the scummy deposits it leaves on glass showers, chrome fixtures, and just about every other surface that the water touches. It can even clog your shower head over time!

Washing Clothes

Another thing you might notice, is that your clothes aren’t as clean as you would like them to be. Hard water negates many of the helpful properties of soap, which means all that expensive laundry detergent isn’t enough to get your clothes clean. 

Pipe Longevity

Last but not least, hard water can cause serious damage to your pipes. The mineral-laden water corrodes the insides of your pipes, and leaves mineral deposits that can clog and pressurize your pipes over time as well. This can lead to burst, broken, and failing plumbing systems.


If you’re tired of living with hard water problems, call our experts today at (817) 200-4465 and ask about water softening treatments!

Prevent Burst Pipes this Winter

As winter approaches, so do those cold temperatures that can freeze water and your pipes. When that water freezes, it expands, leaving your pipes at risk of damage, like bursting. Prevent burst pipes this winter with some basic tips.

Use Your Heater

Frozen Bursting Copper Water Pipe

Prevent Burst Pipes this Winter.

When you turn on the heat in your home, you’re not just staying comfortable in the cold; you’re warming your whole house. Let the warm air circulate around your pipes. Open cabinets and other places where there are water pipes so that the air from your heater can warm your water pipes. While it may not help all parts of your water system, it could help protect the pipes in your house.

Insulate Your Pipes

Sometimes, all your pipes need is a little insulation. For unprotected pipes that you can reach, there are foam and rubber sleeves for your water pipes. There is also heating tape. These may limit the cold contact with your pipes.

Run the Water

While you don’t want your water running all the time, letting it drip overnight can help prevent freezing. Be cautious; if the cold is extreme, that water could still freeze as it moves through your pipes.

Protect Outdoor Spigots

Your water faucets exposed to the outdoors are at risk of cracking, leaking, and even bursting. Stop the water to those faucets and replace them with freeze-proof spigots. Or, remove them altogether while it’s too cold to use them.

When you need to prevent burst pipes this winter, or burst pipe repair, or frozen pipe repair, call Pro Serve Plumbing at (817) 200-4465 today.

Signs of a Sewer Line Problem

Tree Roots Can Occasionally Penetrate Sewer Lines to Create an Obstruction and Leaks.

An issue with your sewer line presents one of the least pleasant problems a homeowner must face. Once a sewer line problem begins, it can quickly create major issues within a household. To avoid sewage in your home, you’ll want to call quickly for service. Pay attention to the following signs, and act quickly upon their appearance.

Unusual Yard Patches

Your sewer line most likely lies buried beneath your backyard. If the pipe begins to leak underground, you will first notice the effects in your lawn. Unusually verdant patches of grass or other greenery mean that the sewage has begun to act as fertilizer. Far from a pleasant outcome, this leak will eventually lure pests like rodents and insects.

Bad Smells

Most people could guess that a bad odor would represent an obvious sign of sewer line problems. Your sewer line should remain completely sealed and buried underground. This means that any odor of sewage in your home or yard indicates a problem. You either have a leak or, worse, sewage that has backed up your drains.

Slow Drains

All drains in your home will empty into the main sewer line. Therefore, if you experience widespread problems around the drains in your house, you can likely blame the sewer line. As a sewer line clog or obstruction worsens, sewage will collect and back up the pipe. Eventually, it will have nowhere to go except out your drains.

At Pro Serve Plumbers, we represent your ideal solution for a sewer line problem in Fort Worth, TX. To learn more about our services or schedule work, call us today at (817) 200-4465.