Plumbing Repiping

If you have pipe decay, it is time to have your pipes replaced. Even though this can be a bit expensive, it is cheaper than it would cost in your home flooded from a pipe burst. When needing a pipe inspection in Aledo and Fort Worth, TX, call (817) 200-4465 for one of our experienced plumbers.

How Do I Know If I Need Repiping?


If you’ve noticed that your pipes are deteriorating, our team is here to repipe your entire property.

Whether or not you need to replace the pipes in your home depends on several factors. Most importantly, you should know the age and material or your pipes. Brass and galvanized steel pipes have a lifespan of 80 to 100 years, and copper pipes generally last from 70 to 80 years. If your homes and plumbing system are about this age, it’s smart to keep an eye on them. However, poor pipe maintenance and hard water can cause earlier deterioration.

If you have lead or polybutylene pipes in your home, you should have them removed immediately. Lead pipes can leach toxic lead into your water, and polybutylene pipes break easily.

Because most plumbing pipes are hidden by walls and floors, checking every inch of piping is difficult. Check the exposed areas of pipe in your basement, bathroom, or anywhere else. If you notice dimpling, flaking, or staining, this could indicate corrosion. The color of your water can also indicate decay. If you run the sink or bathwater and it is yellow or brown, your pipes may be rusting.

Sudden and sporadic leaks are also a sign of aging pipes. When one or two areas start leaking, it’s likely that other sections are wearing down. Don’t wait until you have a leak in your wall or under a hardwood floor to call a plumber! If you notice leaks or signs of wear, call a licensed plumber for a thorough inspection.

Your Repipe Plumbing Experts

At Pro Serve Plumbing, we understand the importance and cost of reliable plumbing. The plumbing systems in older homes tend to be more difficult to work with than modern homes. When you need help, make sure to call someone who knows how to work on older homes. With over 15 years of repiping in Aledo and Fort Worth, TX, we know the common problems and how to best take care of your home.

If you think you might need repiping in Aledo and Fort Worth, TX, call Pro Serve Plumbing today at (817) 200-4465.