Video Leak Detection

One increasingly popular method of water leak detection is video leak detection. With this method, our plumbers can easily drop a fiber optic cable into your pipes to help locate a water leak. If you think you have a leak, call Pro Serve Plumbing today at (817) 200-4465.

How To Locate A Leak

video leak detection

Our video leak detection allows us to find the precise location of the leak in your pipes.

If you don’t pay attention, a water leak can be easily overlooked. Watch for these signs, especially if you have an older home, where leaks are more common.

  • The sound of running water when all taps are closed – This can indicate water flowing or leaking when it shouldn’t.
  • Unexplained increase in your water bill – Even a tiny leak can waste hundreds of thousands of gallons of water a year, costing you a fortune.
  • Foul odors from drains and pipes – Leaks often cause mold and mildew, leading to foul odors.
  • Damp or water stained drywall, floors, and ceilings – These clear signs of a leak may require you to rule out another source of a leak, such as your roof.
  • Unusual soil erosion or low spots in your yard – Problems in your yard could indicate a broken pipe beneath your home, or possibly a sewer line break.

There are also easily identifiable water leaks, such as from your faucet or shower head. Those, however, would not require video leak detection to locate. If a leak develops in your walls, under your floors, or in your outdoor pipes, video leak detection is the best way to locate a leak with little damage to your property.

Stop Leaks Early

You should have your pipes inspected every year to catch leaks early on, especially if your home has older plumbing. Copper piping is long lasting and will last you around 70-80 years. If you want something to last longer, galvanized steel and brass pipes last around 80 to 100 years. Regular inspections, will help you to avoid having major problems down the road. A repiping can be done, when you've already had several leaks in the past.

For video leak detection in Aledo and Fort Worth, TX, call your local, licensed plumbers at (817) 200-4465.