Water Filtration System & Water Softener Installation

Is your home water supply extremely hard or contaminated with harmful chemicals? If so, you may need a home water filter or water softener system. With new technology, these systems can help remove chemicals and natural deposits from your home water supply. If you’d like to learn more about a home water filtration system in Aledo and Fort Worth, TX or even water softener installation, call Pro Serve Plumbing at (817) 200-4465!

How Do They Work?

Water Filtration Systems

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Have you ever noticed limescale buildup in your water-using appliances? Do you have trouble washing soap from your dishes, skin, and hair? Do your water-using appliances need repairs often? These are all indicators of hard water or water that has a high concentration of natural minerals such as magnesium and carbonate. While hard water does not generally pose a health hazard, it can cause expensive problems in your home. With more minerals in your water, clogged drains and scale buildup may shorten the lifespan of your water-using appliances.

To get rid of hard water, you may need a water softener system. Water filters can be very different. They are used to filter your water and remove the dangerous toxins. If your water has high levels of chemicals, you may want to consider this.

There are many types of water softener systems and water filters by various manufacturers. Choosing the right model for your home is important. You will need to test your water for the grains of minerals per gallon (GPG), consider the number of people in your home, and more. Contact the professional plumbers at Pro Serve plumbing for water testing in Aledo and Fort Worth, TX. They can expertly assess your home’s water supply to determine whether you need a water softener or water filter.

Benefits of a Home Water Filter Or Water Softener

Many homes have perfectly safe levels of minerals and chemicals in their water. Some, however, need extra assistance. Here are a few benefits of a home water filter or water softener in Aledo and Fort Worth, TX:

  • Improves taste of water
  • Removes harmful chemicals like chlorine, lead, radon, and more
  • Protects against bacteria
  • Extends life of water-using appliances
  • Reduces limescale buildup
  • Save money on costly water heater repairs
  • Improves household health

If you’re interested in a home water filter or water softener system, call (817) 200-4465! Pro Serve Plumbing is here to help with your questions about your water filtration system in Aledo and Fort Worth, TX and water softener installation.